Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Diversity Training

One of the more amusing experiences I've had whilst perusing the blogosphere came when I stumbled onto a local lefty blob... I mean... blog. The girl was fretting over her siblings chirens.. because you see... they apparently we're making fun of some Mexicans.

The girl was ringing her hands... and fretting... "its starting" she worried. "Is there anything that can be done?"

She was worried of course because the diversity curriculum just hadn't taken. I thought about linking so you could see for yourself... but do you really want to? Nah.. I didn't think so.

But let's examine this shall we? I mean what is a good priestess of diversification supposed to do? Well... let's see... How about we start by examining what's already being done.

It starts in daycare. Kids are punished for describing other kids in anyway that may refer to race. When a teacher see's a crying child she may ask, "What happened?" the blubbering child will then say something like... "that boy hit me!"

"Which boy?"

"That black boy over there."

The teacher... then confronted with a whole new problem deals with it swiftly. The boy who was hit is punished for "seeing colors", and the other boy isn't punished at all. Think I'm making it up? Think again. This scenario came straight from the day care next to the mortgage company I used to help run. This is brainwashing... and its very powerful. Unfortunately the results are exactly the opposite of those intended.

Fresh from daycare these kids now move on to school where their education in the theology of diversity is stepped up even further. Any mention of race is dealt with severely when the authorities are made aware. Blacks are treated different than whites... but no one dares speak of it. PC propaganda is rammed down their throats 7 hours a day.

And what does it teach them?

It teaches them that adults are stupid.

They know their school is 80% white and 20% black... and they know that their basketball team is somehow 90% black... and the football team is pretty close to that too. They also know that their Calculus class has 30 kids... but only 2 of them are black... and one of them is getting a D. They know that their AP physics and AP chemistry classes have no blacks at all.

Kids aren't stupid. Kids simply observe. Their brains haven't been deluded by ideology yet. But they have by now learned to regurgitate the required party line.

But back to our liberal friend... What is she to do? The question she's really asking of course is, what is left to do?

The answer?

Nothing. There is nothing left to do. Political Correctness is forced upon these kids hours upon hours each day. It just does work for the vast majority of them. Why? Because kids aren't stupid. Kids observe.

All it does is convince kids that authority figures are idiots and cannot be trusted. It actually fosters authority complexes and emboldens the racism that already exists in everyone.

Every once in a while the liberals are confronted with a small dose of reality... invariably it scares the shit out of them.

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