Friday, June 29, 2007


So... Its Friday... and for once I have to stay substancially sober... because my wife has decided to go ahead and start having some pretty nice contractions.

Oh fun.

No fear. We've still got cigars to smoke! Speaking of those.... Flor De Selva!! Go find them. If these aren't the best cigars I've ever smoked... they are right up there. I've smoked cuban cohibas... I've smoked the best of the best... and honestly... these little honduras they're damned sure in the hunt.

I'm smoking the corona tonight.. they call it Fino I believe. Light cigar... silky... easy even burn... easy smoke... but still... complicated. Its a joy. Honestly. So raise a glass to WhiskeyGirl! She's the sweetheart that got them for me.

God bless ya darlin'!

Speaking of gifts... Spacebunny and WhiskeyGirl are not the only ones to send ol' Nate a package recently.

The other day I opened the mailbox to find a curiosity from none other than Luke himself. I opened the box and low and behold... A Bianchi M-12 holster! This is a badass holster... its part of a modular system that can be used to carry your weapon roughly 14 different ways. Everything from left-had belt, to right hand cross draw... to shoulder rigs... to a tactical thigh rig. Its even got a silent spring closure. Its new... so it fits my PT-101 a little snug... but it fits the steyr like they were made for each other.

Carry holster? No... Not so much. Duty holster? Hell yeah. Maybe the best you can get.

Thank ya Luke. I love this thing.

Now... guns... smokes... what am I missing here?

Oh yeah... Booze. Though I suppose I did make excuses... I suppose I'll have to put off the comparison. I'm gonna sip a little Bookers and see who stumbles by.

Check in y'all.

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