Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Rebirth of Bad Joke Wednesday

For the better part of two years... every Wednesday here was BJW. I'd post several really terrible jokes and others would chime in with theirs... generally a good time was had by all. Its absence is frequently lamented... and I still get emails asking me to start it back up.

The fact is... guys... its hard to find 5 or 6 new really horrible jokes every week! So.... rather than repeating the jokes... I just killed off BJW.

Well...I've had a change of heart. I spent Fathers Day the way everyone should... I grilled some meat... and my family sat around the lunch table. I broke out an old book and started telling bad jokes... knock knock jokes... everything I could find or think of. We were all laughin' our butts off... granted DrWho and I were laughin' more at the kids and each other than the jokes... but hey.... that's the point right? Anyway... BJW will return this week... and consider it a lesson learned. I'll not stray again.

for now..

Knock Knock...

Who's there?


Ya Who?

I didn't know you were a cowboy!!!

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