Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Shoot Me Now

Its 92 degrees... 90% humidity... all sun... no shade... and I'm currently pulling 2-inch conduit over 4 wires... 2 1-aughts... a 2 gauge and a 4 gauge...

This wouldn't be so bad... 'cept I'm pulling 200 feet.

Lots of copper... a long long way.

Mercy... I beg... Mercy.


I pulled 105 feet today, and buried the conduit. No puller. I jerked it through on muscle and pure damned meanness. I don't know if the yellow 77 helped or hurt. I have 75 feet to pull tomarrow... after I drill through the brick in the foundation. I had just smashed through the block under the house when my drill when tits up.

I figured that was God telling me something.... and I hung it up for the day.

I'll beat some more ass tomarrow though.

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