Saturday, June 09, 2007

Parenting 2007

My friends... its a new day. The all-seeing, all-knowing parent has arrived.

Imagine mom... you're downstairs grabbing some laundry while your boys are playin' in their room. On a whim... you pull up your pocket pc... and check up them via the camera in their room. They run off down the hall... and you follow them with the remote tilt and swivel... or just switch to the camera in the next room.

Later on you hear crying... ya know there was trouble but ya don't know what happened.

No problem. Back on your laptop you login to a remote server that has recorded the action after a preset motion detector turned on the camera and started the recording.

You don't have to ask who hit whom. You know. You saw it.

On the road... you want to check on the new baby sitter? No problem. You can check the cameras, and control them... from your cell phone.

Door sensors trigger lights to come on... or send text messages to your phone... the kids got home safe.

Sounds like Bill Gates' house doesn't?

Nah... its no where near that expensive.

It appears that getting away with stuff just got a little bit harder.

Check up on it folks. Wireless video baby monitors are just the tip of the iceberg.

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