Monday, June 11, 2007

The Top Shelf

Lets lighten things up a bit...

How about I give a run down of the current state of the Top Shelf of my Vice Cabinet? As you can see... there is a serious bias toward bourbon. In fact.. I relegate everything but the best Jack D to another section of the cabinet... over there with the peach schnaps and vodka... you know... the girls drinks.
We've got.. Makers... Silver Eagle... Blantons... Woodfords.. Bookers... Russle's Reserve... Bulleit... and if you look close back in the back... there is a damned ol' bottle of Captain Morgan to remind me to take it easy. I've even got an emergency bottle of knob creek up front... That will be going to the hospital with me when DrWho decides to pop.
Rest assured.. this is the natural state of my Vice Cabinet. No condencing has taken place... though I confess the silver eagle was just added today.
I hope yours stacks up well. If not... get busy!

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