Monday, June 18, 2007

Math is Hard! (The Myth of the Pay Gap)

Yeah yeah yeah... I know... girls do the same jobs as boys... and girls make 80% of what boys make.

I know... because I have this nifty report here from the AAUW. That's the American Association of University Women.

Now the truth is... I don't have any idea what universities these american women work at... but one can easily deduce that they didn't pay much attention in statistics class... or economics... or any math at all apparently.

This report first boldly states that women who work in the same field do so for 80% of the male pay. Of course... the fun is how they got there. For example... if you look through the report you'll find that they didn't bother to control for things like... hours worked. That's either because they were intimidated by the long division... or... they knew that women worked less... and accounting for that might be counter productive to their objective... which is to piss off women. In their defense on page 39 of the report... which no one read... they admit that if you do account for hours worked the gap is only 5%. I dunno.. maybe one of the cuckholds from the Math department decided to help out.

The most egregious error though is even more comical... In order to simplify the study... because again... math is hard... they lumped thousands of professions into 11 major classifications... and simply ignored the fact that certain fields are dominated by one sex or the other. So... in the medical field for example.. they lump doctors (which are overwhelmingly male) and nurses (which are overwhelmingly female) all in one big pot and stirred it up.

Guess what they found?

Doctors (males) make more than Nurses (females).

But this isn't because of education or skill... no no... not supply and demand... nope! Its Sexism!!!

And yet... even with all their shenanigans... all they can come up with is a measley 5% difference. The truth is... given the screw ups these hags have made... there is likely considerable evidence that women actually make a great deal more than men.

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