Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Arriving Thursday

Yes. I am well aware that it is a dorky looking electronic drumset. I am also aware these things have improved so much over the last several years that I just had to have one. Don't get me wrong... I still have the real drumset, and its not going anywhere. This one however will be a welcome addition, in that it won't wake up the kids. So how's it play?

I played one at Fork's Drum Closet in Nashville. Buzz rolls... flams... all show up just fine. The attendant is showing me the different sets... trying to impress me with the thing's brain... until I finally shoo'd him away. Really.. I don't care. Just let me see how it responds. That's all that matters.

Cheese.... hertas... flam-taps... inverts... flam-drags... cheese-ta-chuttas... everything came through... every little grace-note. I was stunned. It was damned near like playing a real drum. It's a three zone snare pad too... to you can hit rimshots. That was a must.

I am totally stoked boys. But I'm guessing that's pretty obvious at this point. Yes... I know I know... it looks dorky.. and I'll look dorky playin' it... but I'll be playin'. That's what matters.

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