Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Broken back... burning buildings... plane crashes... The Great Depression... Virgil Kindig has lived through it all. The spunky ol' codger recently celebrated his 98th birthday.

This was an emotional birthday for him... because just a year and a half before, he found his will to live tested one more time.

Two scum invaded his home... tied him and his wife up.. and set to looting.

One can imagine that something like that don't sit to well with a fella that'd been through everything ol' Virgil had been through.

So... He just went about gittin' loose... and once he was loose... he went found the pistol he had stashed...

Then he shot the bastards.

His wife died two weeks later of stress related symptoms that the doctors claimed came from the incident.

The two invaders lived... but they're in jail... and likely won't get out.

This is why you don't go pickin' on old folks in Tennessee. Because old folks in Tennessee are liable to shoot you.

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