Friday, November 11, 2005


Ok... with the return of ATF we are now officially back baby! So lets get this thing rolling....

It's Bookers tonight boys... I sipped on the good stuff a little lastnight to... just to get myself ready. What I really wanna talk about though.. is what I had last week. I was able to sample some Blantons. High dollar Blantons. I don't recall the name off the top of my head, but I remember it came in a velvet bag that was so smooth and silky it made me wish God had designed our scotums that way... He could've even put our name on the side in some fancy font... wait... what was I sayin? Oh yeah! Blantons... The stuff was in a fancy crystal bottle with a peuter do-hickey on the cork too... helluva presentation. 1 problem though... it wasnt' very good. Don't get me wrong... it was good... it was by no means bad whiskey... but it had this taste to it... something that Blantons fans love... that rational bourbon drinkers know is a fault. This just in... if we wanted Scotch... we wouldn't be drinking bourbon. Dig? Now I'm not slammin' on Blantons people here. I'm just sayin'.. it's not "good" bourbon... it's wierd bourbon.

Arturo Fuente. Do you know him? Heard of him? I don't know him either but I know his cigars are freakin' awesome. I have quite the A. Fuente sampling here in the well stocked humidor courtesy of WellDigger. I swear... sometimes lighting one up is like smoking three distinctly different cigars as the different flavors introduce themselves and exit the longer you smoke. Its a common trait among fine tobacco, and one that I dearly love.

While browsing young Will's blog I found an off-hand remark desparaging the name of Hi-point firearms. Now... don't get me wrong... I don't own any... nor do I know anyone who does. However... I am aware of the fact that Hi-Point makes the second coolest carbine one can buy.
Please note the distinct sci-fi nature of the weapon. Also note the ghost ring sights front and back... and the heat shield. Best of all? This fun little plinker can be had for an msrp of $199. You can actually pick them up for $150 or so brand new. They come in 9mm or .40. What more could you ask for? Well...

You could ask how it shoots.

Yes... let's talk about that. You all know how much JAC and I hate the mini-14. So imagine my suprise when I find that GunTest magazine actually did a head-to-head comparison between this little Hi-point and its almost $600 ruger competition.

Using 4 different types of ammunition... the Hi-point smoked the ruger in every case. In fact... in many instances the Hi-point's average group size was approaching half of the Ruger's. As for reliability... each rifle fed around 300 rounds flawlessly.

Take that Ruger fans.

Ok... normally that would about do it for the ATF post but its been awhile... so before I sum up let me just list the CD's currently in the Titan's changer:

1. White Zombie: Astrocreep 2000
2. Van Zandt: Get Right With The Man
3. Jason Aldean: Jason Aldean
4. Stevie Ray Vaughn: Live Alive
5. Johnny Cash: When The Man Comes Around
6. Dwight Yokum: 20 Greatest Hits

But tonight?

Tonight.... it's:
A: Bookers
T: A.Fuente corona later.
F: PT-101. Glasers and Hydro-shoks.

Charlie Robinson strums in the background.

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