Wednesday, November 23, 2005

N.B. Forrest Goes to New York

Late in his life, long after the war, and long after he'd disbanded the Kuklos Klan, Nathaniel Bedford Forrest was summoned to New York. His arrival there was not unknown, as in his day, he was a famous man. Sh****n and Grant had both raved about his exploits, and what those two said, was always printed.

Forrest was regarded as a villian though, for all their praise of his valor, and he found himself in a strange confrontation. As the train pulled into the station in New York, a man boarded his car brandishing a revolver and shout, "Where is that devil Forrest?"

Forrest.. still a large and physically imposing man simply stood, and approached the man. He looked him square in the I and said, "I'm Forrest."

The would be assassin went white, lowered his gun, and immdiately sat down in a nearby empty seat. Totally flustered and visibly terrified, he remained their while everyone else, including Forrest left the car.

Stories about NBF are a lot like stories about Davey Crockett, except many, if not most, are verifiable by military documents and the testimony of disinterested witnesses. Is this story true? Maybe... Maybe not... but I know that judging by Forrest's reputation as a fighter, and his sheer size... not to mention the violence he'd witnessed and participated in.. I am certain sure he was among the most intimidating people you'd ever meet. Yankee soldiers believed him to be an unkillable Demon... and with good reason.

But that's a story for another day.

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