Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Kiwi's Questions

Ok... I guess you've been patient enough. Seems that over the last few weeks Kiwi has showed up and started asking some questions... for example... how can I be a stay-at-home-dad and not be a limp-wristed liberal pussy? and I believe there was some mention of my musical tastes... so lets clear this stuff up.

First lets deal with the Alpha Male thing. Its just who we are darlin'. Its got nothing to do with what we do. You see it guys who're 5'5" but carry themselves like their are 6'8". I'm not talkin' about small man's disease here either. Be it elevated testosterone... or something else... we're just born this way.

Ahh.. but then how does a dude with elevated testosterone levels endup a stay-at-home dad? pretty simple really... he marries a chick who is becoming a doctor. Its a cold fact of life that the odds of me ever making even half what DrWho will make are remote at best. Plus... there was just no way we were gonna let someone else raise our kids. Daycare was not an option. One of us was gonna stay home and watch the youngin's. Financially speaking... it would've been totally assinine for DrWho to stay home.

I'm starting to think you're going to see more and more of this sort of thing happening, as society becomes more and more feminized. Traits associated with masculinity are being systematicly targeted for removal by the education system and the psycho personnel chick powers that be. Think about it. Each day college becomes less about education and more about the "bend over and take it" attitude. It doesn't weed out the non-competitive or the ignorant. It weeds out the rebelious. Work places all over the country are becoming anti-male, where it is more important to be nice than to be productive.

Faced with these obstacles, over time, men will gravitate more and more to self-employment in the area's of skilled labor, investing, or some other insulated area. Some men will simply wash their hands of the whole affair and either leave, or retract from society completely. Which is what I've largely done. The skill set I have requires work in an office type environment, and the fact is, I just don't think I can do it anymore. Someone would do something stupid... and I would tell them about it... and I would be fired for trying to be productive instead of trying to be nice.

Now... I'm no MrMom. In our house the roles have not changed. I'm the daddy. I probably do less around the house than my friends do... which I find highly amusing. I don't spend my time scrubbing floors or dishes. I spend my time with my boys. We rough-house... we play with trucks. I read to them. I teach them. None of this is feminine.

See... really... I was this gun-toting redneck alpha male mortgage broker... then my wife got knocked up... and now I'm this gun-toting redneck alpha male stay-at-home dad. And I'm not alone. Plenty of Stay-at-home dads out there are gun-toting conservatives...

Ain't that right Papapete!

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