Friday, November 11, 2005


It's funny how perception changes so much over time. For example... when DrWho and I first came to WV we were really stoked. Morgantown looked like a lot of fun. In our minds, WV was a rugged state where just about everyone carried guns. It has a reputation for being a small govenment state. It was our kinda place right?

For the first year or so... we liked the people... but we hated the government and the cold.

All these years later... and by "all these" I mean 5... we still hate the government of WV... but now we hate the people too... and I can honestly say... I'm thankful for some of the experience.

Lets face facts... we in the South know a lot about some things... but keeping warm is not one of them. Had I not come to West By God Virginia, I wouldn't now know the joy that a wood burning stove brings. Seriously... I used to think that on a cold night, a fireplace would be pretty nice!

Nice to meet ya... I'm Ignor A. Moose.

I've learned to use the thing now... and I swear I'll never be without one again. Nothing takes the chill out of the air like a stove. I've had the house so hot, that we had to open the doors when it was 15 degrees outside. We see our neighbors walking around indoors... in sweaters and stuff while workin' their new forced air heater for all its worth... and over here... when the fire's goin, if you have more than boxers and a t-shirt on, you're liable to sweat. Seriously... it hits 80 in here... while the thermostat is set to like... I dunno... 60?

Wood's cheaper than gas boys.

Yeah.. it takes more work.. but its fun. I get a lot of satisfaction and pleasure from tinkerin' with that stove... and not just because fire happens to be the greatest afrodesiac in nature.

Fact is.. if they ever decide to run the commies out of West Virginia... and the people who live here actually decide to develope some semblence of a work ethic... this could be a pretty nice place. The country's awesome... just rugged... hard. It looks like it could kill you... and it could.

Granted... when we leave... which is comin' up here pretty fast... we'll probably never come back, unless its for a little vacation or somethin'...

But hey... I learned how to use a wood stove... so the 5 years wasn't a total waste.

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