Monday, November 07, 2005


The party line is clear. From the Elephant... and from the Ass... Islam is a religion of peace. Dear Leader states that it's a great religion, hijacked by fanatics. Global Jihad is not global. Its just a few nut jobs.

Strange. Its starting to look global ain't it?

What started in Paris has now spread to over 300 towns and is showing little sign of slowing. Cities burn... and old man is beaten to death... Just look away folks. Its a religion of peace. Moslem slums like the ones in Paris exist in every country in Europe. Even Jolly ol' England. This may not spread, but it would be foolish to simply assume that it will not.

What then if it does?

What if the europeans respond in a way similar to what they did in the past? That is to say... what happens when millions of dead moslems start showing up? If the big war is declared... who's side to we fall on? And is America exempt? Historically, these things start in one place, and if they gain enough steam, cause revolution all over the world. It happened as recently as 110 years ago.

Obviously moslems aren't going to rise up and start burning things in America... but the poor in the slums might. Hey... if it worked in Paris... it may work here.

The alarmist in me has been wanting to type this up for some time, but I decided to hold off until I saw real evidence of spreading... and I am still calling it a bit early. Hey... ya don't come here for the standard fare right?

Everything breaks. All it takes is time and pressure. It appears we have plenty of both right now. I find myself looking around... wondering if X is going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back. This particular X seems to be the best bet so far... though I was really suprised when SCOTUS shot down an awesome second amendment case last year. I admit, I thought we were going to war for about 2 weeks.

Alas... the far right let me down again.

Just keep your eyes open folks. Things are hairy in europe right now... and that means things might get hairy here in a hurry. Doesn't always happen... but it does sometimes.

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