Tuesday, November 15, 2005

CCW Lifestyle

Rogerthat says:

I live in an oven of a city and know that there are several (11) months out of every year that are just not real condusive to layering clothes. I can't see where reconsidering ccw is sensible just becuase I can't pack a .50 Desert Eagle. I was mearly asking whether anyone has any experience with the NAA firearms and if they are reliable. A .380 will stop a man if the rounds land center mass.

Frankly the "its to hot to layer clothes" is a cop-out. I carry in Nashville... in Texas.... In Oklahoma... in Georgia... In Alabama... all in the heat of summer. You throw on a thin (think hawaiian) shirt over a tank-top and leave it unbuttoned. You're no hotter than you would be in a t-shirt.

Seriously... I'm going to need specific examples of these .380's that are so much smaller than guns in .40. I can show you Derringer's . 44mag for crying out loud, and .44mag wheel guns that are practically as small.

NAA guns are well made firearms and are known to be reliable.. but that crap about a .380 stopping a man is just that. There is a drastic difference in energy transfer from a .380 to 9mm, and another step up from 9mm to .40.

Even with Glasers or Black Talons you'll be taking a chance.

You don't go center mass with a .380. You go for headshots. Thankfully its a very accurate round.

CCW is a lifestyle. It's not about finding a weapon that keeps you from changing anything. You change to accomidate the weapon. The weapon is important. It's not a purse. You don't get one to match your outfit.

It's not about derringers vs. desert eagles. There is plenty in-between. A pocket pistol is just not a choice that people who've thought a lot about CCW make. Its a notoriously bad place to keep a gun, as its hard to retrieve the weapon, its uncomfortable to carry the weapon there (even the small ones) and the weapons are so limited.

Get a wheelgun and an ankle holster. Practice a tactical ankle draw until its second nature.

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