Friday, November 04, 2005


Look who's back.

Wow... damn am I havin' a good time. DrWho and I feel like we've been gone a month, even though its really been less than two weeks. We've seen the better part of 3 states, and when I say seen I don't mean driven through. I mean toured, explored, enjoyed, and played in, and considered. I've riddin' both motorcycles and horses in the last few days... seen cotton and pecans harvested... and that's pronounced pee-can you yankee bastards.

We've seen everything from mini-farms with geo-thermal houses, to pecan farms with mcmansions... and we ain't done yet. We were lookin' at lake houses in Bama... and weighing the benefits of livin' in a county that basicly requires an act of God Himself to raise taxes. I'm not 100% sure but I think the county code mentions something about creeks running with blood before the tax hike... well... if not before... certainly after.

I'd love to write about all the goins' on in the world... but honestly I don't know. I haven't seen a television in almost 2 weeks... I haven't blogged... and until lastnight... horror of horrors... I hadn't even read the drudge report. I am totally clueless.

Well... I am aware of the horde of angry muslim teens currently destroying Paris...


Ok.. I'm better now.

I ain't got a lot of time... but I do have a lot of stories kids... so check back later on. I'll be back in the saddle consistantly come monday. No promises until then. For those keeping score, Huntsville is the clear frontrunner right now.. but we're looking at Dickson Tennessee today, so the dark horse is yet kick. We'll see how it goes. We'd love to end up so close to Nashville. If for no other reason, for the sheer joy of relegating JAC to "Bad Son" status.

Did I mention Jeb's havin' a Chucky Cheese Birthday Party tomarrow night???

Thank God they serve beer in that place...

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