Friday, May 05, 2006


As you can see we've taken ATF to another level. You can barely make out the cigar... a special little Arturo that someone gave me... I have a humidor full of them... stop by some time. I promise to share. And hey... what better accessory for a hot tub and Makers Mark than a baby monitor?

I am a little dejected though... as you can see DrWho herself was violating the number 1 rule of the Red Light District (That's the Tiki Bar's name).

Rule Number 1: No Bikinis in the Hot Tub.

So anyway... its was a long hard day... I spend the better part of it building a raise bed garden for DrWho... 12 railroad ties... 16 foot by 8 foot or so.... two timbers deep. It will take about 11 scoops of dirt to fill it.... so yeah... I'll be back in the hot tub tomarrow night too.

I dunno though... Tomarrow is Old Timers Day here in Dickson. Blue Grass bands... a Liars Contest, and a Ms. Old Timers padgent for women 65 and older. Sounds like some serious fun. I may have to wait on the dirt. We got our tomatos in anyway... and no... we didn't use no yuppy upside down bucket trick. We planted them the way God intended.

In whisky barrels. Whole damned backyard smells like Jack Daniels now.

Anyway... I'm out. I'm sure Spacebunny is somewhere tippin' up a Guiness... and Waterboy is probly sippin' some nasty scotch... and no doubt Vox has something with a damned umberella in it. Thank God JAC and Res can at least be counted on to drink real whisky.

Y'all keep 'em straight... Oh... did I mention I was buyin' a 24/7? .45 if you please.

Thank ya sir... Thank ya very much.

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