Monday, May 29, 2006

Mr Rogers Makes an Ass of Himself

From the comments:

Those 300,000 died for an Idea of America. For all our flaws, America today is infinitely preferable to a coolection of unimportant states dominated by corrupt and amoral pseudo-aristocrats. The war is over and the Good Guys won. - Mark Rogers

Mr Rogers likely talks alot about the Declaration of Independence... one wonders if he's ever actually read it. Or if he's read Jefferson Davis' speeches before the Senate. Likely not.

Little man you're barking up the wrong tree. You likely assume you've run across some redneck malcontent who's pissed of because his sister dated a negro. Instead, you've found someone who's spent more than a decade researching the War for Southron Independence, its roots, its effects, and its aftermath.

I'm a historian sir, and a not a bad one at that. I suggest you, once you attempt to regain control of you faculties, attempt to educate yourself on the true causes of the war. You seem to think it had something to do with slavery. This proves you to be ignorant as the average History Channel devotee.

I suggest you begin by researching the American System... which was devised to pay for the War of 1812. There in you will discover the beginings of the rift that lead to the War, that was forced upon the South by the Tyrant King Lincoln.

If you prefer you can search this very blog for a detailed description of the events and causes that lead the War. Simply do a site specific search for "American System". It should prove eye-opening. The war had nothing to do with slavery and everything to do with the consolidation of power within the federal government.

Go on back to your TV and your O'Reilly factor Mr. Rogers. You aren't interested in learning the true history of your country any more than I am interested in teaching it to you.


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