Friday, May 26, 2006

Just Enough to Hang Themselves

Americans have a long history of suicide by crisis. Create a big enough crisis and the American populous will bend over take it in their patriotic posterior while singin' Glory Glory Haleujah.

Need to abandon isolationism? Why they sunk the Lusitannia!

Need an income tax? Why the government is broke and this one tiny 1% tax will fix it forever!

Need an excuse to stomp a little Nazi ass? Pearl Harbor!

Need massively increase police powers? We've got to declare war on drugs!

Need even more massively increased police powers? 9/11! We've got a war on Terrorism!

Want a biometric national ID card?

What? Oh... we're not there yet. Sorry. I'm getting ahead of myself. Lets back up. Have you read the Senates immigration bill?


I have. It has some glorious language about a Biometric Identification Card. See... in fantasy land all the illegal immigrants will suddenly decide to obey the law, and as asked, go get Biometric Identification Cards (BICs). These cards of course identify them as illegals... who owe thousands in back taxes and so forth.

of course we don't live in fantasy land. Here in the real world Jose already has a fake Social Security Card.... and since there is no language in the bill requiring SS cards to be verified with the SS Administration... well... we call that a loop hole.

Think it was an accident?

Wrong answer. You need to go brush up on your Machiavelli.

See... We can't have a card just for illegals... it's profiling. It's racist. And besides... there's that loophole we have to close. No no no... the only way to solve the problem is for everyone to have a BIC. That's fair... and it solves the crisis.

This grass fire currently roaring at the sky over illegal immigrants is going to burn its own champions. Oh you want a wall do you? You want papers? Do you know why the caged citizen sings?

I do...

Now bend over. All together now!

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the...

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