Sunday, May 28, 2006

Time Well Wasted

On our adventures saturday we came across this ol' damn on the Duck River. We road the old roads that follow it for quite a ways. WellDigger almost kept up with us too!

That's me... lookin' down on JAC... just like always.

Drinkin' Sundrop on the front porch of the little country store by the river. Note Forrest is spelled with 2 r's. JAC was kind enough to surrender his seat to Digger for the picture. Hope y'all have had a good time too. I'm here with DJ... and DrWho... Their mom and grandmama... just finished playin' Red Rover and Duck Duck Goose with Jeb and Eli... now we're fixin' to play some Xbox.... sip some whiskey... who knows. Yup... wild times indeed!

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