Monday, May 08, 2006

No Accounting For Taste

Waterboy comments: Res, I checked out a new single malt this weekend, Isle of Jura. Very good, light and smooth. I'll hold some in reserve

I nearly pissed myself when I read this. See... you must understand. Isle of Jura is perhaps the worst beverage of any form ever produced at any time by any one. The folks at Dupont have nothing that tastes this bad.

Long long ago when I was young and ignorant of many things, I purchased a bottle of the swill. The bottle became a lingering trophy to my own foolishness. It was like a curse. Lots of folks would sample it... but no one would take more than a sip.... and all who did so regretted it. I tried for years to give the shit away. No one would take it. If I recall correctly... I purchased the hated bottle in 1996. We sipped from it at my Bachelor's Party... and we regretted it. JAC turned green.

The nearly full bottle followed me to Memphrica... then to Knoxville... and then to Morgantown. In all those travels... all of the would be scotch lovers that I encoutered... all had nothing but curses to say about the vile Isle of Jura.

The curse was finally cured though... I stuffed it in a bag with a bunch of other half gone liquors collected through the years and gave it to the mexicans that moved us.

But ya know... the other day... I could've sworn I saw a familiar looking bottle of Isle of Jura Scotch laying by the side of the highway 96... right where those mexican's would've gone.

It was still mostly full.

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