Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Things Fall Apart

I find myself aware of America's limitless struggles... her omnipresent and infinitly varied conflicts. This isn't to say that this is particularly new. When ever you look back through the history of America you always find conflict. America has seen them all before.

The race problem in America has existed, perpetually on the verge of explosion, for 200 years now. Each new generation of blacks is described as the generation that won't take it anymore. Farakhan says the same thing that Malcolm X said. The sky is always about to fall.

Immigration seems like a huge never before faced problem to those who think History started in 1960 but to those of us who've read more than text books... well... we know that what's going on with the mexicans ain't really that different than what happened with the Irish. People were just as fired up about immigration in the 20's as they are today... and they were just as fired up about it in 1880 as they are today. The sky is always about to fall.

The market fluctuates.. up and down and up and down... though of course... it's really always down... the Dow is fixing to hit an all time high... think that could be because the dollar's worth less? If I have an apple, and I cut it into 3 slices... then I cut each of those slices in to 3 slices .. I have nine slices. Does that mean I suddenly have 3 apples? Of course not. Same thing with money. The total Dow has a set worth, and that worth is continually being divided by an ever growing number of dollars. We keep cutting the apple into more and more slices... but that doesn't mean the apple is growing. In fact, just like an apple, with each cut, you lose a tiny amount. But where is the bottom? This has been going on for 70+ years... The Sky is always about to fall.

Conflicts.... Abortion. Prohibition. Gun Rights. Taxes. Wellfare. Entitlements. Forgein War. Gay Rights. The list goes on and on and on and its as old as America itself. America is a woman. She craves above all else a crisis.

This woman America is getting more and more in touch with her feminity as well. It cannot be debated that women are gaining real measurable power in the United States. The knee-jerks will proclaim the greatness of this... but we have a name for things that have never been tried before. We call them experiments. I don't know what the outcome will be... and neither does anyone else. All I know is what I've seen so far.

Women crave security and pleasantry. These things don't mix with conflict very well. Women also solve their problems by talking, instead of doing. They don't need to actually solve the problem you see, they just need to feel better about the problem's existence. Maybe in a country of perpetual crisis that will work out well. It will certainly give them something to talk about anyway.

I can't help but think its going to go badly. It could well be my imagination, but it certainly seems to me that as women gain more and more power, the country's crises multiply. That's not to say the women cause such things... but lets face it... when it comes to race relations, talking almost always just makes it worse. It does nothing but inflame. Think about it. Seat belt laws don't keep people from dieing on the highway. They just make people feel better about the problem. Drug laws don't prevent additiction. They just make people feel better about the problem. On and on and on... Government of Mommy, For Mommy, and By Mommy.

And where is Daddy?

Daddy came home from WWII, plopped his ass down on the couch, cracked open a cold beer, turned on the color TV, and we ain't heard from him since.

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