Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Further Evidence of the Pussification of America

Life in Prison.

We don't even have the balls to kill the unrepentant bastard who helped execute the events of 9/11/2001.

Justice demands his execeution. Men all over the world know this. But America... a nation women has flinched.

Liberals... morons... you believe this will change anything? You believe one Jihadist will be impressed by your mercy?

They see it as weakness. For crying out loud... you people scream about diversity.. don't you know anything about middle-eastern culture? Of course not. You watched something produced in Bollywood once so you think you're diverse.

The man new you didn't have the balls to kill him. He dared you to do it... and you let him live. He made a fool of you in front of the world... and you're bragging about it.

I have no love for a country to scared to administer justice. America deserves to die.

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