Saturday, May 05, 2007

Derby Picks

No time to blog people... I've got my trigger issue dealt with and I'm finally makin' progress. On to the picks...

One of these horses is gonna win:

Cowtown Cat 20-1: I would make this bet in a heartbeat. The word around the big farms in Lexington is... this is horse. Take a look and the dosage and you'll see why. Its like the Queen says... its all about the breeding.

No Biz Like Shobiz 8-1: He's way cheaper than he should be because all the morons watching ESPN have been betting Street Sense. All he did was beat Street Sense in their last race.

Any Given Saturday 12-1: I don't think he'll win but the price is right.

Tiago 15-1: This is Giocamo's brother. He wan Santa Anita.. all be in on a DQ. Hey.. its the derby... you just never know.

Luiquidity, Circular Quay, Hard Spun, and Great Hunter all have a shot.... though I wouldn't bet Hunter... a winner hasn't left from gate 20 in over 100 years.

Sorry I didn't write more... to busy... I'll do better in the future. Y'all sip a julep!


DrWho says Great Hunter is the horse. She's goin' by looks of course... can't fault her for that. He's big and bad. Hey... that sounds like why she married me! No... seriously....

As for my Official Derby Pick: I'd bet on all the horses I listed... my heart says Great Hunter... my head says No Biz like Shobiz... flip a coin. No... screw it... Liquidity for the win!

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