Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dog Questions:

I just wrote up a lengthy and detailed post about our dog... but it occured to me... this isn't info I need to put out.

She's a big european-bred German Shepard. She's 3 years old... and she's about 90 pounds. On her training... I will only say... that it is... extensive. All obedience is off-leash. She's walked off-leash. She knows all sorts of detailed advanced commands... and has situational training to help her decision making.

She does use German commands... I could switch her to english... but honestly I think the german commands are cool. There's something entertaining about a german sheppard that responds to german commands.

Anyway... she'll be here in a couple months. I expect it will be a little rough for a couple days when she first gets here. Its a long flight from Budapest... she'll be tired... and I'm sure she'll be a little homesick and confused. She'll warm up fast though.

We're very... very excited.

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