Monday, May 07, 2007

End The Damned Drug War

I'm sick of it. I'm sick of hearing people who call themselves conservatives talk tough on drugs. I cannot think of anything that's done more damage to liberty in America than the War on Drugs.

The Katheryn Johnston Case.. you remember... the 92-year-old grandmother that was shot to death by the Atlanta Narc Squad may get a little justice it turns out.

Check out just a few of the things the federal investigation into her death has turned up:

- The narcotics officers planted drugs to arrest a suspected drug dealer, who in turn pointed them toward Johnston's residence.

- The narcotics officers lied on their search warrant application, saying that a confidential informant had bought drugs at that address when that did not happen.

- The narcotics officers lied on their search warrant application, saying the house was occupied by a large man who employed surveillance cameras.

- The narcotics officers planted marijuana in Johnston's basement after they shot her in order to bolster their case and impugn her reputation.

- The narcotics officers asked another confidential informant to lie for them after the fact and say he had bought drugs at Johnston's residence.

The sad thing is... the apologists will bury their heads even deeper in the sand. They'll talk about how out of control Atlanta is... and they'll ignore the fact that the same thing happens in every town in every county in the US.

This war is turning cops into criminals... and its turning every day law-abiding citizens into cop-haters. It has to stop. The consequences of legalization are far better than the consequences of continuing this war.

And... on the comedy front...

The Atlanta Narc squad fired 39 times at the 92 year old woman... she was hit just 5 times... and several officers suffered friendly-fire injuries.

Remember... this was an elite squad.. supposedly with expert tactical training.

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