Thursday, May 24, 2007

Saint Augustine the Blasphemous

Blasphemy: –verb (used with object)
1. to speak impiously or irreverently of (God or sacred things).
2. to speak evil of; slander; abuse.

I choose the word blasphemous not without consideration. I wanted desperately to use heretic instead... as indeed it is his teaching... and not his tone that have done such damage. But when one investigates the definitions, its clear that heresy is considered that which contradicts accepted church dogma.

Augustine doesn't contradict church dogma. He authored most of it.

Certainly at the time some should've called him a heretic. The Church would've been far better off if they had... if City of God had never been read at all. But it was... and the arguements made there-in... were tragicly persuasive.

But enough with the pre-amble... I've made an outregous claim... that perhaps the most influencial church thinker of all time was a blasphemer. Its time I explain myself is it not?

Augustine writes in The City of God: "To God... All wills... are subject, since they have no power except what He has bestowed upon them. Therefore the cause of things which makes, but is not made, is God."

Augustine argues that all the cruelties of the world.. even the premature or cruel deaths of young children, should be accepted as if they came from the loving hand of a father.

Let me be clear on this... if my father's loving hand cut off my son's penis... or raped and killed my little girl... I wouldn't accept it. I would kill him. No offense dad.

The cruelties and evil in this world, according to Augustine, are God's fault. The evil done by men, works toward God's plan.

We are to believe... that somehow.. the vile acts of extreme cruelty of this world... somehow add to the beauty of reality... if we could just see the whole picture.

What sort of a God is Augustine talking about? Its not a loving God. Its not the God of the New Testament. Its not the God of the Old Testament.

Augustine is calling God a rapist... a pederast... a serial child murder. Augustine is conflating our God with Modoch.

Augustine looks the parents of Channan Christian and Christopher Newsome in the eye, and says, "Be at peace. God did this to your children for a reason. Its for the greater good."

How can anyone expect that those parents wouldn't totally reject a God that is responsible for the rape and murder of their innocent children? How many souls are lost because of Augustine's blasphemy?

How much needless hate and anger is out there in this world.. projected at a God needlessly?

Augustine was wrong. He is discustingly wrong. His position is vile... and it deserves no respect at all. A decent christian would've slapped him for writing such filth.

God is not to blame for the evil in this world. God granted us free will. We chose sin. Sin seperated us from God, and gave this world to Satan. God has a plan to save this world... but until that plan is fulfilled... Satan runs the show here. Not God.

It was Satan... not God that Raped and Murdered Charran Christian. It was Satan... not God that mutilated and killed Christopher Newsome.

God is in a continual, and real battle with Evil.

Yes... God can make good come from the Evil of men... that does not mean that God willed the evil in the first place. God may fertilize the ground with ashes from a home... feeding a needy hard working farmer. That doesn't mean God burned down the house and roasted the child inside alive just to get the ashes.

Calling Evil Good and Good Evil is blasphemy. Blaming the evil acts of men on God... is blasphemy.

A pox on you Saint Augustine. You have damned so many... so many... needlessly.

Friends... if you own a copy of The City of God... I sincerely advise you to do yourself a favor and burn it.

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