Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Untold History

One of the favorite caricatures of the Main Stream Media and urban society in general is the redneck militia member. You all know him. He's stupid, ignorant, racist, and he rarely bathes. He's a nutcase with no friends and he's probably a closet homosexual.

Today... we're going to have a little history lesson... and it starts back in the 90's... in a place called Waco.

See... Bill Clinton was the most polarizing president this country had seen since Lincoln. His clear and obvious vision threw aside the preferred liberal modis operandi; incrementalism. Clinton's wife pushed for socialized medicine. The pair were big government true believers with a history of violence and corruption. The Right Wing viewed them as a serious threat... a fear that Waco validated. But the first salvo's weren't fired at that little commune.

The first shots were fired in the form of The Brady Bill and the Assault Weapons ban. When one looks at these two laws objectively... one should conclude that confiscation is the next logical step. After all... when you outlaw the sale of certain weapons... doesn't it make sense that you're going to go around and confiscate the ones already here? Of course it does. But a funny thing happened... in the months that the ban was working through congress... more AK-47s made were sold in the US than had been sold in the previous 20-years combined... well over 20 million.

Clinton fired a shot over the bow of the American gun owner... and he got a shot right back... a big one.

The State Department was impressed... and rightly so. Those guns were purchased for a reason... and it didn't take a genius to figure out what it was.

Clinton then increasingly militarized federal enforcement agencies... particularly the ATF and FBI. The ATF was useful to him since The Right Wing was largely populated with gun folks... and the ATF regulated guns. At Waco... the militarization of the FBI and ATF showed their hand. They stated clearly... "We will kill you. We will burn you and your wives and your children alive, and we will get away with it."

This was escalation. This would become a game of chicken that Clinton knew the Gun Nuts would cower from. At his core Clinton sees himself as a man's man. He'd put these punks in their place.

The response is not at all what he expected.

All around America militias started forming up. Not just in Montana like you've been lead to believe.... Kentucky... Ohio.... Indiana... New Mexico... New York... PA.... practically every state in the Union eventually had at least one. The media jumped on this movement with both feet... but we know something now that we didn't know then... These folks paid no attention to the Main Stream Media... no more than we do now.

At its peak the state department estimated 300,000 militia members nation wide.

Once again the State Department was impressed. We know they were impressed, because federal officers began reaching out to the militias. The ATF and FBI in particular were very friendly with the bigger militias in New Mexico and Montana. They were continually interviewing and meeting with the leaders... asking things like, "If another Waco happened... in another state... you'd really pack up and go there?"

The best answer I heard to that question came from a militia leader in New Mexico. He said, "Hell no. Why would we? We've got plenty of you sum-bitches around here."

The message varied state to state... but in the end it was received loud and clear. The militia movement viewed Waco as an act of war upon the American People by their government, and if it happened again... there would be a wide response... not a localized flash point response. It wouldn't be one incident. It would be a serious of incidents.

Again... the State Department was impressed.

The game of chicken was on... and it wasn't the Militias that backed down. There was not another Waco. The feds declined to call the militia bluff.

Friends... Hillary Rodham is going to be our next President. She's not the pragmatist that her husband was. She's a true believer... a pure Big Government Acolyte... baptized in the waters of Holy Socialism. The ends will always justify the means to her.

In short... if it was up to her... there would've been another Waco. The escalation would've continued.

Well... in a couple years... it is going to be her call. You can bet the first time... there will be no response from the militias. Most are depleted... soft.

Its time for a wake up call. Not two years from now when more families are burned to death.... now. Get your ass out there and gear up.

The Right Wing fought a 6-year cold war with Bill... and won.

Its going to take more than a cold war to beat down Hillary.

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