Friday, May 11, 2007

Must Have Dog

I'm going nuts. I can't sleep at night. I'm continually checking the deadbolts. 10 years of protecting my home with a devoted partner has left me spoiled. I find myself laying awake at night wondering what I'd do if I heard glass break.

Of course I knew what I'd do... and I was confident it would be ok... that's not what worried me.

The reason I can't sleep is has nothing to do with the fear of glass breaking. Its all about the fear of not hearing it break... of missing it. The layout of my house is ok... but it requires quick response. I can get to defensible positions and make one helluva stand to protect the kids... but we have to be fast.

This is where the big dog comes in. He's the first responder. He's the one who makes sure we know something is going bad, before it goes bad... so we have those extra seconds to get to the firearms and collect ourselves.

He doesn't just alert us though... he confronts the problem... and will die before he allows an intruder into the house.

Ya can't get that with a security system folks... no matter how much you pay for it.

I honestly don't see how someone can seriously evaluate their security, and not employ a living guardian of some sort... and no... cats don't count.

The first time the News runs a story about a cat pulling his owner out of a burning building.. then I'll reconsider my stance on felines. Until then... they are filed somewhere between flies and mesquitos.

As for us... we've decided to get a German Sheppard. We've found our dog. Unfortunately... we can't have her for about 2 months. Until then... I'm in for several sleepless nights.

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