Wednesday, May 09, 2007

NateMail: What Firearm?

From David:

I want to buy one but don't really have any idea on what to get. It would be for our house basically. We just recently moved from a small rural community to a pretty big city and I thought it might be a pretty good idea to have one. Do you have any suggestions for me? I'm not even really sure which questions to ask at this point.

Our favorite reaccuring topic!

Its my opinion that for home defense... a pump shotgun is hard to beat. I recommend a Mossberg 500.

Now... if for some reason you've decided against a shotgun... then a great second choice would be a weapon you can eventually use for concealed carry. A .357 revolver... which you can use with .38 special rounds when you're at the range (way less kick) may be just the ticket. I recommend the Taurus Titanium.

If ya decide otherwise though... you can't go wrong with .40 caliber semi. No 9mms. Nothing smaller than .40. We can list favorite weapons all day... and well... we'd probably enjoy it as much as anything.

Get at it boys.

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