Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The New and Improved...

Notorious Piece of Shit.

Yeah.. you're reading that right. Ruger has decided to produce... a "Target Mini-14". Which is like trying to market dual purpose swimming pool / septic tank.

Reading Ruger's page gives you the impression that even they no this is complete BS... but they figure they'll foist it on their idiot customers anyway.

What claims do they make for the accuracy of this weapon?

None. And who can blame them?

This is what they say, "the Target Mini can be tuned to shoot one-inch groups at a hundred yards." Of course... they don't say how... nor do they say how much it will cost to tune this piece of shit to shoot. They claim that one can tune it using the harmonic do-hicky. Best I can figure its similar to the B.O.S.S. that Winchester used to use. But the winchesters were "tuning" already accurate firearms... not magicly transforming poor quality plumbing and garbage actions into a useful weapon.

This junk rifle costs a grand! Contrast this with Savage... which claims its 300 dollar walmart package guns will shoot 3 shots in one inch out of the box.

So big news everyone! You can now buy a junk rifle from Ruger for 1000 bucks... and you then spend more time and money tuning it to actually make it shoot... of course... the trouble is...

Where do you find a plumber to tune the thing? God knows no self-respecting gunsmith would defile his work bench with it... and I don't buy their harmonic BS for a second.

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