Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Stupid Vegans

So... remember a few years back when the idiot vegans starved their kid to death by feeding him nothing but apple juice and soy??

They got sentenced today.

The wise people of Georgia threw their dumb asses in jail for life... which... considering they're vegans shouldn't be that long really.

The idiots pleaded with the judge... claiming that they had no idea their 3-pound son was sick until just moments before he died... because you know... its normal for 6 week old babies to weigh 3 pounds. I'm sure he was just the picture of health.... oh.... and they never took him to a doctor... and they birthed him at home.

Of course... I have no idea how the NOW gang is going to react to all this... since lets face it... this was just a late term abortion. It was just slower and marginally more cruel.

So... you're a vegan? a vegetarian? Then you're an idiot. Take a look at your eyes dipshit. They're in the front of your head. Why? Because just like everything else with its eyes in front... You're a fucking predator.

Vegetarian is not more healthy. Its proven in study after study to be less healthy... and vegans are the least healthy of all.

Anyway... raise a glass and gnaw on a half cooked rib-eye tonight y'all. Stupid has officially been declared a capital offense!

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