Thursday, September 02, 2004

Are Southern Politicians Different?

It's a legitimate question. I thought about actually breaking down the voting records over the last 150 years or so and comparing them by regional and party lines. It's been done before though, and well... the results are obvious. That said, a fun way to show the difference is to simply examine the great historical figures of American History. Let's look at it.

George Washington: Virginia
Thomas Jefferson: Virgina
James Madison: Virgina
John Tyler: Virgina
Andrew Jackson: Tennessee
Andrew Johnson: Tennessee
Abraham Lincoln: Illinios (born in Knob Creek, KY)
Ulysses Grant: Ohio
Alexander Hamilton: New York (actually born on the isle of Nevis)
FDR: New York

When you step back and look at the authors of the Constitution, one will quickly notice that it was basicly written by a bunch of Southerners. Those in favor of a weak federal government were from Virginia and the South. Alexander Hamilton (Yankee) favored a stronger central government, as did others from the North. While elected Presidents don't really fit the mold, congressmen do. Sure, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and so many others came from the South. But remember, the Days of the Solid South... When the CSA simply voted Democrat regardless of who was running, are long gone. Yet even those two pale when you consider the likes of Krazy John Kerry, or Ted Kennedy.

When the troops of the CSA first went to War, they did so under a flag designed exactly like the American Flag. Why? Because they believed, and rightly so, that they had more right to that flag than the North did.

You like the Constitution? Thank a Southerner. We wrote it.

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