Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Trump Card

The Don't Vote Crowd is certainly less a crowd and more a couple. It's not a pack of wolves at all. In fact, it's just me and Fred Reed. We've certainly taken our shots for this stance, and I believe others have announced their own victory on at least to occasions in this debate.

So before I declare victory on my own, let me first deliver the blow, and give you a chance to get up off the mat.

To you Res Ispa, and you Sean, and all the others who've rallied to the defense of the system, I challenge you this:

Name one time in all of human history when a tyranical central government has surrendered power to a vote.

I'll answer for you. It's never happened, and it never will. You can vote to grow government. You cannot vote to meaningfully shrink it. In all of human history, only one thing has shrunk government; the force of arms.

Harbor no illusions of peaceful success.

Harbor no illusions of ballot box rebellion. It is a myth... like the Fountain of Youth... No less a waste of time, and no less imaginary.

My friends... I wish it were not so. But this is not Wonderland, or Neverland, or even OZ. Here, it is what it is, and what we wish it was... well...

Hoping that a vote will change this government's tyranical ways is no more effective than the frantic clicking of heels.

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