Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Great Liberal Stupid

I hate people. I really do. I hate them, because for the most part, they put no thought into anything they say or do. They simply say what they think sounds good whether they in fact believe it or not, and after repeating it enough times, they actually convince themselves that they believe it. This describes no group better than left-coast liberals, specifically, and to a lesser degree, city folk in general.

Just listening to these people talk makes me want to choke the life from them. But let's be specific shall we? How about we invent an archatypical pasty white liberal twenty-something male. We'll call him John.

John doesn't believe that there are any standards for right or wrong. Do what thou wilt, so long as you don't infringe on someone else's rights. John proclaims that above all things he is open minded, and the only thing that offends him, is closed-mindedness. John says this with a straight face, and fully expects others to think wonderful thoughts about how brilliant he is when they hear it.

Now that we know John, and let's face it... we all know at least one John... how about we just examine his claims shall we?

Here as some questions for John:

1. John claims that there is no standard for right and wrong. Fine. So if I then want to refuse to allow black people into my bar, that should be ok with John. I should be able to refuse to hire homosexuals based on the fact that I don't like queers. Now you can imagine that John is red faced, screaming that descrimination is wrong. Funny... Aparently there are standards for Right and Wrong after all. See, it's not the standards John has a problem with. It's standards that disagree with HIS that bother him.

2. Closed-mindedness offends John. Really? All closed mindedness, or just some? I mean... how sure are you that 2+2=4? That's closed mindedness isn't it? So not all closed-mindedness is offensive then. Now isn't it true that someone who was truely openminded in all things would be just as comfortable at a Klan rally as he would be at a Rainbow Convention? Again, John is not offended by closed-mindedness at all. He's only offended by closed-mindedness that disagrees with him. Are we noticing a pattern here? How open minded do ya think John would be to the suggestion that say... maybe the South was legally correct, and the North was wrong to invade? If you answered "not very", move to the head of the class.

John is just as closed-minded as the average Klansman, and twice as ignorant. After all, at least the Klansman knows what he believes and why. John just lies to himself until he believes the lie. John practices the religion of Humanism... which claims to reject dogma, while it is just as dogmatic as any fundamentalist religion anywhere in the world.

Of course... John has never thought of any of this. He's not put on bit of thought into anything he's ever said about the matter. Someone said something, and it struck him as cool, and so he applied it to himself, and adopted it for his own.

This is the Great Liberal Stupid. Its formulating opinions based on nothing beyond initial emotional responses. It's the haze that so many people walk around in that protects them from having to face the cold face of reality.

So hey... if you see John today, have him stop by and read this. It'll be worth putting up with his idiocy for a few minutes just to see the fit he'll throw.

Oh yeah... and John... if you really are reading this... and I haven't made it absolutely clear yet... then let me be blunt:


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