Monday, September 27, 2004

The Debates

I've already used the Briar Patch analogy with regard to this election, and while I wish I could avoid it, it keeps popping into my head.

First, Bush doesn't want 3 debates, only two. Now, he reluctantly agrees to 3.

While I have no respect for Bush, the President, I have much respect for Bush the Politician. This fits right in with the man's style. He's Al Pacino's Satan from The Devil's Advocate. He wants to be underestimated. He wants to be seen as an dumb.

Thats what makes this such a stupendous mis-match. Kerry, ever the supreme big brain, already knows Bush is dumb. You can hear the man cringe when he somehow forces out the words, "Bush is a fine debater". He says it like he's just barely able to avoid reflux.

Kerry is gonna throw his fastball to a hitter who's made his living destroying fastballs.

If that's not bad enough... Now some famously stupid advisor has convinced the man to channel Howard Dean. He's going to get on TV and try to tell the American people they've lost a war. This is his strategy. Only a Democrat psychofant could possibly believe that such a tactic will lead anywhere but disaster. No one wants to hear that their side is losing, least of all, Americans.

This all comes down to two tremendous misconceptions that the democrats have.

1) That they won the debate on Vietnam.

2) That they are smarter than their opponents.

At some point... were I Dubya... I'd wait for Mr Kerry to make some infatic point... something that he thinks really went over well. You can see it in his stance when he does it. He sort of backs up from the podium and looks around like "Did ya hear that? God I'm Brilliant!".

That's when I would say to the Moderator, "Excuse me, but could you ask that same question again in about 30 minutes? That way we can make sure Mr Kerry hasn't changed his mind."

BAM! Election Over.

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