Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Bad News Bear

Boys... Somethin is up in Russia. That Chechnyan deal is looking more and more suspicious to me. All the descrepancies in the official story didn't suprise me. In fact I called it. We've had some stranging goin's on since then though. I started paying attention when I became aware of Russian media showing footage from the massacre.

Why? Well all you have to do is listen to Putin. There are plenty of pieces to the puzzle floatin' around, and the way their startin' to fit together is not to pretty. Putin (a former KGB stud) has now called for increased power. Governors will no longer be popularly elected. He claims this is to combat "terrorism". At the same time, he's been making some pretty clear references to the old Soviet Union.

Something's going on over there. Its way to early to find out what though. Something to remember though... The KGB still exists in its pre-coldwar form and it has always had extensive contacts in the Jihad. Putin has never hidden his desire to rebuild the USSR.

Hey... it's probly not a rat... I'm just sayin' it kinda smells like one.

You know... if you looke at the EU... a new USSR... then the USA... well... The world takes on the distinct look of Europe before WWI.

The curse of interesting times.

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