Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Bane Rants

Bane comments: I have met the government, and it is us. Adds true meaning to 'you get what you pay for', don't it?Every hive has to have a queen, the rest of you are just drones. Deal with it.

It's Us? I suppose so, if by Us you mean "Ivy League Aristicratic Ruling Class". Unfortunately, "us" usually means "rednecks and the middle-class". Seriously Bane... I'm starting to think... man... If you lose a couple more brain cells we're gonna be waterin' you twice a day.

Lets look at this point-of-view shall we? Every hive has to have a queen. Ok... so therefore any type of tyranny is fine, because the person who rose to power to perpetuate it, must be representative of the population as a whole, and therefore, the population gets what it deserves. Aparently, those of us who can see things for what they are, are expected to simply bend over and take it.

I can certainly understand an ex-cop feeling this way, but then again, that's probably because I hate cops. Only judges and Lawyers are more corrupt than cops. One may be tempted to lump teachers in with this lot, but I would disagree. Teachers are hired to produce mush-brained drones, and they do a damned fine job of it.

Let's examine Bane's attitude historically though shall we? The 13 colonies should've bent over and taken it. Every revolution in the history of the world, shouldn't have happened. I ask you, without revolution in one form or another, how does society progress?

What of the people who shared Banes attitude? The Germans under Hitler? The Russians under Stalin? Those murdered by Mao?

But again... We should take this with a Pillar of Salt should we not? Bane's an old man after all. He's not got much piss and vinegar left in him, and revolution is a young man's fight. S'ok though... every man has a purpose. We can safely leave the women folk at home with Bane.

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