Sunday, September 19, 2004

My very own 507

Ok.. so here's the idea. I register (Don't click that, i haven't done it yet) Then I make a bunch of parody videos starring idiots who claim to support Kerry. The spots would of course, all be produced as if it were a real group with real supporters of Kerry, who just happen to be morons. The possibilities are endless.

"I've been on welfare for the last 12 years, and I wanna keep it that way... that's why I'm voting for John Kerry!"


"My Grand-daddy was on wellfare, and he voted for the democrats. My daddy was on wellfare, and he voted for democrats, and by God, I'm on wellfare, and I'm voting for democrats too!"

or how about

"Rich folks hate poor people. That's why I'm voting for John Kerry."

Whatcha think y'all? Think I can get some rich Elephant types to send me some money? Hey, who wouldn't want a "Morons For Kerry" sign out in their front yard?

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