Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Worst Ever

20 years from now, when everyday Americans want to describe someone as completely insane, they'll use the phrase, "He voted for John Kerry for President." Like Vox I have little interest in Politics as a Horse Race... But politics as a train wreck... now that I can enjoy.

I can't take my eyes off Kerry. Morbid Curiosity has me in her iron grip. I swear, if Jerry Springer was ever a campaign manager... this would be the result!

Bush's faults, and his strengths are one in the same. He is a great politician. That's both the best, and the worst, thing you can say about the man. He is playing chess, while Kerry is playing checkers. While kerry is working hard to figure out how to respond to Bush's last move, Bush already has his next three moves planned out, and is working on the 4th and 5th. Kerry isn't 1 step behind. He's 5 steps behind. The game was over before it began.

When Bill Clinton met W at the White House... He told everyone within earshot... "Don't you ever underestimate that man." They didn't listen, and as a result, they are getting their asses kicked in spectacular fashion.

Let me spell out just how hopeless this is for Kerry... 53% of his party want to pull out of Iraq, 47% want to stay.

You want to know why he flipflops? Because no matter what he says, he's pissing off half of his own party! As long as we're talking foriegn policy, Kerry will be destroyed.

What's worse, is that if he goes to domestic policy, his own record will be used to label him a left-wing nutcase. The Dems will never allow a true debate on liberalism vs conservatism, anymore than a vampire will come out to fight you at noon. They have to hide behind clever moderate placcards to hope to win, lest their freakish ideology be exposed for what it really is.

If he can't run on Iraq, and he can't run on domestic policy.... the only thing left is to go negative... and pray on the emotional and the weak, which is what he's doing now. The amazing thing is, that he's actually stupid enough to think that anyone is going to judge an incumbant on any criteria but the last 4 years. MORON! If the documents were real, it wouldn't matter! If it came to light that Bush bought his way out of Vietnam, it wouldn't matter. The public knows what it will get with W, because they saw it. You can't say, "If he ran from war then, how will he react now?" when we've already damned well seen him react now!

The man is actually arguing that Bush is both to brave, and to cowardly... to smart... and to stupid... To simple... yet draped with conspiracy...

This race wasn't over last month. It was over the day the dems sat in their dark smoky room and decided John Kerry was their boy. It was over the day the democrats fell for Dubya's "Don't mind me, I'm just a stupid texan" act.

I guess no one ever told the Democrats about Brear Rabbit.

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