Saturday, September 11, 2004

Just not your Year

The folks in South Florida have to wonder what they did to deserve this. The worst hurricane season I can remember... Ricky Williams is off smokin' dope in India somewhere... The Worst offensive line in the NFL didn't get any better... and well... if all this isn't enough...

Up to the plate step the Titans.

Florida football fans... a little advice... While you'e boarding up your windows... make sure you have the college football on. The Gaytors will beat up on Directional U. about like the Titans are going to beat up on the Dolphins.

Ricky Williams ran for... ahem... 13 yards against the Titans last year. How good do you think Travis Minor is gonna do?

I keep looking around for some position where the Dolphins match up well with the Titans... Hey! Orlino Mare is a better kicker than Hentrich! There ya go! Of course... Hentrich is a punter... but hey... take what you can get.

Prediction: Titans win by a whole lot more than a little-bit.

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