Friday, August 19, 2005


Well... here we are again... A little late I reckon... and only two beers in... not good. Don't fret boys... I'll catch up.

So I have some terrible knews. Ya see... I fully intended on this being an audio blog. I was in fact going to sing one of my favorite drinking songs... Beneath The Scottman's Kilt... but alas... audio blogger has been screwin' up. You'll just have to wait... as soon as it's up and working, I'll post it.. but it doesn't look like it will be tonight.

My sincerest apologies.

So I thought we'd talk about some wine. Lately we've been lookin' into some of the local wines... trying even strawberry wine from the local Forks of the Cheat winery. We've tried some sweet reds from Pennsylvania. Hey... I know... It's really not very good... but at some point you have to try the local stuff. Sometimes ya find a diamond in the rough... of course... there is a reason they call it the rough.

I'm still happy with my boxes though... Vella is a great wine for the money. I know I know... between the local stuff and the boxes I'm totally losing my wine snob credibility. Ah well...

So we know Spacebunny's drinkin' Guiness. You beer drinkers.. whatcha havin'? Corona? Bud Ice? Ice House? Some nasty Canadian swill? Nah... maybe... Sam Adams Summer Brew? Some of ol' Pete's Wicked Brew? Maybe something fancier?

I personally don't see the point in fancy beer.

Anybody drinkin' foo foo drinks? Now you know what I think about flavored margaritas... margarita IS a flavor... and it's not supposed to be frozen either you sissy-marys. That's about the only mixed drink I'll have... unless you consider bourbon with ice.

Bourbon... mmmm.... oh yeah... I'm takin' a sip or two tonight.

Did I mention I gave Laurie her first bit of Bookers the other night? She about died. No shit. I think some may have come out of her nose. 126 proof booze coming out your nose... that can't feel to good.

Oh.. she loved it... she just said it was.. umm... a little hot.

We backed her down to Makers Mark for the rest of the night.

Hrm... I think I'll roll a couple tonight. I haven't rolled in a while. ok ok ok.. The Titans are on and I've got drinkin' to do.. I'll be around though. Y'all have a good one.

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