Thursday, August 04, 2005

Breakin' My Own Rules

Let this be a lesson to ya... Dammit.

Even full-grown BloggerBlasters can screw up royally. We've got rules for a reason kids... and you're better off payin' attention to 'em...

One of my more famous rules of course... is pretty simple. I don't drink on Wednesdays. Now.. if you'd like to know why I don't drink on Wednesdays... I recommend you check the archives. May of 04... May 14th of 04 to be exact.

So anyway... lastnight I decided to ignore that well-learned rule.. and this mornin' I'm payin' the price. 10 ounces of bourbon or so later... oh yeah.. and some wine... here I am... Hurtin'.

I feel like someone wrapped a gold brick in a lemon, swaddled it all in a Battleflag, then promptly smashed it over my head... My stomach feels like there are twenty-seven flamin' squirrels in there, havin' some sort of unholy flamin' squirrel orgy.

And this is the mornin' Jeb chooses to wake up at 7am.

And this is the mornin' the poor kid gets the shits.

Let me just tell ya... when it comes to the shits... potty trainin' goes out the f'n window people. Not my morning... You ever had to clean up runny shit off a two-year old while hungover? It ain't no good.

Ah well... It's all worked out. Jeb's hydrated and feelin' better... and I got to go back to bed for about 45 minutes... which I maintain is the single best cure for a hangover.

So here it is... another day at the best blog on the net. Dammit.

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