Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Direct Marketing

Seems like in about every town you can find a little produce stand, or a storefront that sells locally grown veggies.

Why is it you never see this for meat?

I mean... Sure... there may be a hippy store... but if they have meat at all, the selection will be pathetic. Besides... decent folk get uncomfortable just walkin' by such places... the thought of goin' in one is un.. umm.... err.. un.... un.... thinkable... It's just not gonna happen.

What ever happened to the butcher, who buys local and cuts local? Couldn't a man make a killin' doin' this today?

Seems to me there is a reactionary undercurrent to the superstore craze... and one that has created a niche market for highly specialized service oriented stores.

There is a huge farm up the road from me here... big enough that they run a store front where they sell pumpkins, and corn, and such from the farm. They make a killin' around halloween.

But why can't a ranch do this same thing? Set up a store front... have your cattle butchered... offer a good selection... hell you could charge quite a bit more than the grocery does... and the simple fact that folks know what they're eatin' could go a long way.

You wouldn't run nobody out of business.. but it sure seems like an untapped market to me.

Folks are obviously willing to pay more. The question is; is the price difference enough to make it worth a cattle man's time?

I dunno... but I just may have to look into it.

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