Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday Roundup

Well... JAC has his panties in a wad over queeners being allowed to become members of the UMC. Blondage likes porn. Vox is busy givin' Ben Shapiro the worst paddlin' since his frat initiation.

Just another day huh?

I was hopin' to blog on the destruction of Nawlins. I know I know... I'm supposed to love the place. But I just don't. In fact... I hate it. Oh it has its high spots... but for the most part... it's just the Gamorrah of the South. One to many strip joints offering "female Impersonators!" for me.

Let's start with JAC...

It really doesn't make sense for him to piss and moan about this. There's been no rule change. Queeners have always been allowed to join. They have never been allowed to hold any leadership positions. This is the way its been, and there is no reason to believe it will ever change.

Each and every year I hear that the UMC is going queer... I've been hearing it for 20 years. Funny... Here we are. After 20-years of conserted homosexual tactics... including everything from demonstrations... boycotts... and one lesbian suicide (Bull Dyke threw herself off a balcony at the UMC convention in protest of the UMC policy)... the queers have successfully changed nothing.

I don't see queers jumpin' off of balconies to protest the Southern Baptist policies.

Now don't get me wrong... I'm torn over this queener membership deal. I mean... I believe they should be welcomed into the church. After all... that's where they need to be. But... That doesn't mean we condone their behavior. We aren't doing them any favors by patting them on the back.

At the same time... it's just not up to a single minister. The UMC is centralized. You look around long enough and you'll find openly gay preachers in the Church of Christ, and in the Baptist churches. Why? Because there is no over-site. There is no one to prevent it from happening. No one to say.. "Whoa there Nancy!"

The downside is, when a minister does something that's right, but disagrees with policy, he gets punished for it.

For as long as anyone can remember the UMC doctrin has been simple. Homosexuals may join, but they may not hold any leadership role. It's not perfect... but I'll take it.

On a related note, DrWho and I have started goin' to a different UMC. The one we were attending was startin' to get to wierd... drumsets and guitars were showing up with increasing regularity... No good.

We found an old school UMC. We dig it.

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