Wednesday, August 24, 2005

BJW: Logic Edition

So this ol' redneck feller decides to go back to college... he's gonna get him a degree. Well... he enrolls, and he pays... and that first day rolls around... it's time for him to actually make out his schedule.

He's sitting in the administration building... tryin' to decide what class to take when a fella walks up and asks how he's doin'.

- Oh.. I'm ok... I reckon I'm just havin' some trouble figurin' out which classes to take.

The fella says, "Well... I teach a class on Logic. Maybe you'd like that."

- Logic? Whassat?

Well... Logic is deductive reasoning. Let me give you an example... Do you own a weed-eater?

-Yessir.. I got a nice 'n.

Ok... and since you have a weedeater than I can use logic to deduce that you own a yard.

-Yessir... Yessir.

And since you have a yard to take care of I can deduce that you own a house.


And since you own a house I can deduce that you're probably married.

-Yessir Yessir... 15 year.

And since you're married I can deduce that you are a hetro-sexual.

-What? I mean... Yeah... Hell yeah!

See? That's logic.

So the ol' redneck signs up for the class... and about a week later he finds himself at a bar with his buddies... One of them asks what he's studyin'..

He says, "Well... I'm study'n logic."

His buddy don't know what that is though....

So he says, "Its when you use one thing ya know, to figure out something else. Let me show ya... um... Do you own a weedeater?"

His buddy says, "Nope."

The ol' redneck looks suprised... "Faggot!"

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