Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Screaming at the Wailing Wall

They are not settlements. They are towns. They are not settlers. They are citizens... and they aren't being raped by arabs. They're being raped by jews.

There is only one group of people as self-destructive as homosexuals. We call them Jewish.

What's so sickening... is there is no reason for it. Gaza is Isreal. Period. It is not Palestine. In fact, there has never been a place called Palestine, which was ruled by Palestinians.

This isn't a fight for self-determination... and that's why the capitulation is so agonizing. What we're seeing is a war against the existence of Isreal. We're seeing baby-steps. Once certain arabs establish Palestine... then the fight will start anew... for more land... with a different set of lies to explain it.

I long for a Jewish Vlad Tepes to come to power... To see a leader snatch the reigns... and deal with the ragheads the same way Tepes dealt with them.

See.. there is a language they understand... and Tepes knew it.

Once two emissaries from Turkey arrived at his hall to treat with him... He asked why they refused to remove their turbans in his home... and they explained that it was not their custom to do so. He replied that he respected their customs, and that he would do what he could to re-enforce them... He then had his guards nail the ambassadors' turbans to their heads.

The turks had warred with Wallacia for some time... but when they sent their main force to march on Vlad's home... they found the road they marched on lined with 10,000 turkish corpses impaled on stakes. The army turned around and went home.

That is the language these dogs speak.

Western style democracy isn't going to topple Islam. It won't survive a the flick of the flame that engulfs it in the very first legitimate election.

If Isreal wants peace... it should resort to unspeakable violence.

If the United States wants peace, it should forget these ignorant notions of cultural change, and start impaling ragheads.

Buzzards gotta eat... same as worms.

***UPDATE*** My apologies... I was going from memory there... it wasn't 10,000 turks... It was 20,000 turks that he had been hold prisoner. In Romania today it's refered to as "The Forest of the Impaled."

How many are down there at Club Gitmo?

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