Friday, August 26, 2005

The Plague Species

I suppose the boys at the London Zoo (I say boys but I would bet 10 bucks that this was a woman's idea) have watched the Matrix one to many times. That bit about the Human Race being a virus has started to sink just a little to deep.

I love it when I'm lectured on the environment by people who's idea of getting away involves riding 4 hours on an interstate in an air-conditioned automobile and stopping at a some national park. Yep... walkin' around on those paved "trails" sure must make ya feel close to nature.

I would venture to estimate that less than 10% of the population has ever been more than a 5 hour hump to town. Does that mean that towns are so common that such places don't exist anymore? If you believe that you should sign up for the next Blair Witch Project.

So... We humans are a plague on the earth... we run about screwing up the place. If it wasn't for us, all those cute fuzzy animals would be living happily.. getting along in their own perfectly balanced way.

What a load of crap.

I've made this point before.. but it deserves repeating.

Humans are a naturally occuring phenomon.

Since we are part of nature anything we do is natural. interstates. cities. All developement. It's all natural. It is all the way the earth is supposed to be.

Should we alter the antlers of deer? After all, deer scrape the trees... marking them up, and altering the tree.

We shouldn't. Because its natural for the deer to mark up the tree. Just like it's natural for us to build roads. Just like it's natural for beavers to build dams.

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