Saturday, August 20, 2005


I've worn a lot of boots... I got my first pair when I was about 12, and I've had at least a couple pair at times since.

Tony Lama.... Dan Post... Justin... I've tried about all of 'em. Ahh.. so now its confession time. Now don't get me wrong... That Justin pair of Pacyderm Skin boots was a big time favorite. You can't believe the looks I got from people when I told them that I was wearin' the skin of an endangered species on my feet. I always made sure to wear them on Earth Day... But alas... that was back in High School... and boots don't last forever.

I've got a new favorite pair... and man.. I'm afraid I am about to have to proclaim them the best I've ever owned. It embarasses me to no end to tell y'all this... but they are just to damned nice to keep to myself.

Folks... it's blasphamy. It's heresy of the highest sort... but it is unfortunately the truth. The best boots I've ever worn... are made by Canadians. Tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor.

You can check them out for yourself here. Boulet Boots. Founded in around 1930 or so I reckon. The most comfortable thing I've ever worn. Justins that I wore for 5 years didn't feel as good... even after all that breakin' in. I'll bet I haven't worn these 10 times. I could play tennis in these things.

I aint sayin' you need run out and buy ya a pair...

But I am sayin' you ought to try a pair on. They make work boots and motorcycle boots too.

Hey.. I ain't proud when it comes to my feet. I want the best damn boots or shoes I can get. I don't care where they come from. The best tennis shoes I've ever worn were made in Italy (Diadora). I guess it figures... the best boots I've ever worn would be Candadian... with a damned French name. Course... we don't know... Mr Boulet may have hated France. There ain't much doubt that he was a helluva cowboy. Maybe... when it comes to boots... that's enough.

Give 'em a look see. Cain't hurt.

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