Tuesday, August 16, 2005


1) We were told he was wearing a long winter coat. He was wearing a denim jacket.

2) We were told he ran from the police, jumping over turnstiles and knocking people down. He never jumped a turn stile, and only jogged over to the tram when it arrived.

3) We were told he ignored police orders to stop. When the police shouted at him, he stood and slowly aproached them.

4) We were told he had a large backpack. He had no bags with him at all.

These are the admissions... from the cops who were there themselves. The man walked calmly into the station... he found his seat calmly. When the police shouted at him, he stood, and walked toward them. An officer charged him, wrapping his arms around him, pushing him back into the seat he'd been sitting in, and pinning his arms at his sides...

Then another officer shot him in the face.

We have a word for that. It's called Murder.

Put these bastards on trial for First Degree Murder. Try the shit who blew the ID for man-slaughter.

This is just sickening.

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